S.I.V. is a company that is working in the business of water-soluble solution since 1980, by supplying both hot and cold water-soluble bags and film. These products can also be personalised according to the use of the customer needs, and they are guaranteed by absolute reliability, 100% of biodegradability and 100% of water-solubility, without leaving any kind of residues that could obstruct filters or affect dyieng or washing processes.

Moreover thanks to extensive research and study, we are able to get competitive prices through certified productive automatisms by granting the very best product in the marketplace of water-soluble product.

Our products have been created and improved by constant tests and experience, with a high qualitative standard that allows the user to release from frequent process and qualitative controls.

This assures the total inexistence of problems for solubility and remaining waste. They are damp-proof resistance and a fair wet cloths seal.